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Dutchpro Soil Light Mix 50L




  • 50% Black Peat
  • 40% White Peat
  • 10% Perlite
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A high-quality planting substrate that is the perfect basis for plants. Dutchpro Soil Light Mix contains perlite that has a high air-filled porosity and elevated drainage to take up all the nutrients.

The high substrate stability and rewetting ability ensures that plants efficiently take up all the necessary nutrients.

Dutchpro Soil Light Mix contains a mix of nitrogen, potassium, and phospor. This gives a starter boost to plants to start growing.

pH value: 5.3-6.0
EC: 1.3
NPK: 15-10-20

Use in combination with:

  1. Dutchpro A+B Soil Grow
  2. Dutchpro A+B Soil Bloom
  3. Multi Total (Nutrient Optimizer)
  4. Take Root (Root Stimulator)
  5. Explode (Bud Booster)
  6. Silica


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